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Two reasons you might be overlooked...

Career Seekers......

Listen closely...

When applying for jobs, the most important thing you can do is....

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS! Especially if you’re applying for remote work. The employer has established a certain process to ensure efficiency and standards are upheld to aid in the flow of the hiring process. Though directions can be used to screen people out, maintain the integrity of the process by following the directions as given.

It is understood you may want a way to stand out but I assure you, following directions will always work in your favor. If you’re worked with me then you know I like a little razzle dazzle myself. I help career seekers secure employment within 30 days by pushing the envelope and taking calculated risks.... but main directions are always followed.

In hiring for 2 positions now... I’ve disqualified some candidates for not following simple directions. I won’t bring anyone onto my team who I will need to micromanage or who will cost me additional time. Your potential employer is thinking the same way.

Want another tip....


Did you hear me scream that? I know I don’t have the loudest voice, but I can channel my inner pretend Drill Sergeant voice from my time in the Army when necessary. I was great at cadence calling but discharged before I could go to DS school. I only wanted to be a DS so I could call cadence lol. I loved to hear my voice echo between the buildings at 0430. Anyway... back to my point.

If you’re not tailoring your resume, the hiring manager doesn’t know your skills. Notice I said SKILLS not experience. Once you articulate your skills, the hiring manager can visualize how you can achieve the goals of the position. This is especially necessary when you don’t have direct experience. Additionally, transferring skills can be advantageous because you may be able to expose skills that the employer didn't know they needed.

Did you catch that free game?

I know you’ve participated in chatter of being overlooked for positions though you KNOW you were qualified. You might know you’re qualified but did you follow directors and articulate your qualifications?

To reiterate before wrapping this up:

follow directions & tailor your resume. Always. Always. Always. Did I say always?

Make a pledge below by saying “I will follow directions & tailor my resume to every vacancy”

Your employment journey depends on it! Getting hired FAST, especially within 30 days, requires this pledge. Trust me, I’ve helped many professionals in your position with these words of wisdom.

Need assistance with your employment journey? I have 1:1 options and workshop options.

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