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Elizabeth completely changed the way I will forever approach my career! Her assistance was invaluable! -LaKeisha

You shouldn’t have to wait six months or even three months to find the job you desire! Whether you’re transitioning from one career to another or you’re ready to position yourself for career advancement, there is tried and proven strategy that will have employers wanting YOU to fill their vacancy.

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth McCoy, your Next Level Career Strategist and Founder of Employment Preparations. My journey began in 2010 when I worked with career seekers with unique backgrounds and developed techniques that improved their desirability to employers. This development reduced their unemployment time by approximately 45 days and skyrocketed their confidence. I noticed my friends, colleagues, and other career seekers diligently seek employment only to report being “stuck” or having “settled” 6 to 12 months later! Of course, they were using Google, but they still had not secured their desired position and that’s emotionally draining. I heard the disappointment, stress, and worry in their eyes. I knew others were in the same situation.


Frankly, I knew I had the tried and true solution. Employment Preparations was started in January 2016 at my kitchen table to alleviate the depression, disappointment, stress, etc that over 60% career seekers feel.

Is this you? Have you tried every method for finding the position that will fuel you and make you excited to go to work? Are you tired of reading articles on how to get hired only to continue hunting for the “right” one?

You will benefit greatly from the services of Employment Preparations!

In the last 9 years, I’ve perfected my strategies, gathered my tools, and researched the market. I know what it takes to get you from EXHAUSTED to EMPLOYED. I offer 1-on-1 services, 30 Days to Employment, workshops, and keynotes. All which are personalized to the needs of the individual(s) before me.

I’m your guide after you’ve Google’d everything. I’m your connection after you’ve called every staffing company. I’m your Next Level Career Strategist employment who will ensure you secure your career transition or career advancement.

Let’s start the journey to getting you hired.

Available for media and speaking. Please send an email to with specific request.

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