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30 Days to Employment

The strategy AND solution to get you hired within 30 days and increase your salary by 10% or MORE!

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Career Seeker you have diligently searched Google and asked everyone from your momma to your neighbor, yet you still have not found what you need that will land you the position and salary you desire. No wonder you’re tired!

How would it be for you to have a tried and proven strategy that will erase the stress and overwhelm so you can focus on what’s important? I heard your sigh of relief and 30 Days to Employment exists so you can continue feeling relieved. Imagine having access to everything you need under one workshop. No need to look elsewhere or hunt down someone else to ask.

You have access to it all in 30 Days to Employment.


As your Next Level Career Strategist, I have created a workshop tailored around advanced strategies that are what you need to get you in that new position with an increased salary. You may have more information than you need but you can never say you didn’t have enough. 30 Days to Employment is very comprehensive!


Why 30 Days to Employment:

It takes more than a resume and a few likes on LinkedIn to get you employed within 30 days!

You don’t want to be employed at “any ol job”! You want the position that causes your eyes to light up and your heart to pump a little harder. 30 Days to Employment has the strategy and solution to get you into that seat. Access your ticket here!


As your Next Level Career Strategist, I have over 9 years of experience in reducing journey time, improving confidence, and making happier career seekers. See, I do what other professionals couldn’t do for you and more. I help you understand why your way hasn’t worked and show you a strategy that’s proven itself many times before. You don’t have to guess or search Google any longer.



30 Days to Employment is for you if you are:

✅An ambitious professional who’s ready to execute an easy-to-follow strategy that yields results

✅Tired of trying to figure this out on your own or want to skip the entire struggle of trying to figure it out

✅Willing to put in the work to get hired within 30 days

✅Able and willing to be coached. This is incredibly important. Allow the system to work.




Still need proof that 30 Days to Employment gets results? See below.












L.G. was able to secure employment within 25 days with the information delivered! Clients says, "I had two interviews approximately 6 months ago and I never heard back from them... First we reviewed my resume and she gave me tips on how to catch the employers eye and what information they are looking for. She then helped me with mock interviews. She gave me tips on how to sell myself as a future employee. I had a job interview Monday and receive a job offer [Friday]. This whole process...was approximately 25 days. If anyone is serious about getting hired, I definitely recommend the services that Ms. McCoy has to offer." He increased his salary by $5,000!



D. L. had been under employed for some time. He was extremely frustrated with the process and was sure he would never have a position he desired. He went through the program, but was still hesitant. 45 days later, he secured employment and increased his salary by about $30,000!






C.P. was severely underemployed when she came into 30 Days to Employment. She was so discouraged that she thought she would never be able to work in her field again. Well through 30 Days to Employment, she secured employment  in her field within 21 days and increased her salary by $75,000! 


During this journey, you will have access to:


  • job search strategies so you apply to the correct position (most career seekers fail here so of course the employment journey is painful!) including how to leverage social media (FB/IG/LinkedIn)

  • how to create an attention grabbing resume that highlights your accomplishments to excite hiring managers enough to bring you in for an interview (those Google tips won't get you this far and neither will $30 resumes)

  • Interview skills that will highlight your accomplishments and demonstrate how your effectiveness contributes to the company’s mission through the desired position. Plus tips to ensure the company is the best fit for you!

  • Scripts to address the area you find difficult to discuss in interviews (recent graduation, gap in employment, or even an imperfect criminal background+)

  • Individual calls will also be scheduled as needed (for example, to discuss a script to address an imperfect criminal background). 

  • A how-to guide to check your references (you need to ensure your references represent you well and are able to articulate your accomplishment and fit)

  • A workflow document that will cover the entire 4 weeks to ensure you are organized and on track to become employed within 30 days!



What treats do you get for enrolling:

  • A virtual workshop you can access day and night.

  • Access to your Next Level Career Strategist for 30 days in group and individual formats to answer your questions and guide you throughout the entire process.

  • Strategic job search, including social media , so you ALWAYS apply for the correct position.

  • Targeted resume that highlights your past accomplishments and translates how your experiences will collaborate with the company's mission. Hiring managers will be eager to get you to the interview table!

  • Strategic interview information so you always know how to communicate your talents and secure the position.

  • Script to help you address areas of concern with boldness and confidence.

  • A workflow document to ensure you are on track and a place to house your thoughts.

  • Information on how to optimize your LinkedIn so you are being contacted by hiring managers and recruiters.

  • A checklist for reference checks to ensure your references are beneficial for your employment journey.

  • Improved outlook on your employment journey.

  • Reduced headache, confusion, and stress. No more playing the guessing game- you’ll know exactly what you need to do and when.

  • Increased confidence.

  • Securing employment within 30 days!

  • An increase in your salary of 10% or MORE!


  • *Yes! If you do not get hired within 30 days, your field's hiring process is 30 days or less, and you can prove you followed all instructions and did the work, I will refund your ticket price 100%!

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