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The Get Hired



For the career seeker who wants to secure employment fast, but without the stress of figuring it out on your own

What if you could guarantee your skills would resonate with hiring managers & recruiters with a competitive edge on other qualified candidates?

It takes the AVERAGE career seeker NINE WEEKS to secure a role, which is up from SIX WEEKS! 
This does not have to be your story because you will not be average after you complete this workshop!
Team Brainstorm

If You Want To Gain a Competitive Advantage Over Other Career Seekers, keep reading.

If not, you can stop here.

It is a confidence buster to continuously be denied for roles or not know 

how to get the role you desire!

By now, you understand not taking immediate action means you won't secure the role you desire. 

Remember that quick feeling of excitement you felt over securing your next role. 

Unfortunately, you don't know how to secure your next role on your own.

And you know the problem isn't just going to go away! You have to make it go away!



The more you're overlooked, the more you are using your savings account and taking shots at your self-esteem. 

I'm sure you want to STOP BEING OVERLOOKED to restore balance to your savings account and self-esteem!

You need to know how to STAND OUT

It's possible for you to secure that next role!


Picture yourself waking up in a few short weeks preparing for your first day in your new role. The role you talk to your friends and family about.

Imagine how great you are going to feel when you get that call that says "YOU ARE HIRED!"

Imagine a 5 module self-paced course that allows you to move through your employment journey at your leisure, never being left to "figure it out" again.  

"What if I fail?" How can you when you have 10 years of experience narrating the workshop and giving you some of the hottest tips!? That's right, you can't fail! 


Each module is further broken down into submodules to ensure you execute quickly and see your progress. You will have access to "guide-sheets" to further facilitate the process. No getting confused here!

Want even more!? How about having access to:

32 prewritten interview questions to help you gain confidence, clarity, and flexibility in expressing your skills to employers!

30-day guide to keep you on track and accountable without causing more stress!

30 day LinkedIn schedule to take the guesswork out of what to post!

"Guide-sheets" for each lesson to keep you organized and moving forward. No more guessing what to do next!

10 modern resume templates that further support you as a top contender! 

Taking this offer means you will have access to my proven system that helped over 93% of career seekers secure employment FAST!

You have videos that skip all the fluff and get into the details of what works. 

After executing the information in the videos, you will have:

  • a job search strategy that reveals vacancies that will take you to the next level.

  • an ATS-compliant resume that stands out among the crowed market by leveraging your skills, experience, and expertise. 

  • a LinkedIn optimization that draws recruiters and hiring managers to your profile.

  • an interview strategy that builds your confidence as you learn how to crush your interviews every time!


But wait... who are you and how do I know you can help me!?

Well Hi there! It's so nice to meet you!

I'm Elizabeth, but more affectionately known as Your Next Level Career Strategist! With over 10 years in this game, I help my clients secure employment within 30 days and increase their salary by 10% or MORE

(if you let me push you, we will be within the OR MORE part).

1-2-3 steps never work but strategies are forever! And I cracked the code by strategizing your skills, expertise, experience, and passion. Every part of your experience matters when you know how to leverage it! 

Because who wants to be unemployed for longer than 3 months!?

*Looks around at no hands raised* 

How do I know it works? Because I used fewer of the strategies than what's inside the workshop to secure a county government position within 2 weeks of being in a brand new state without family, friends, or a network!

We've chatted long enough, it is time to put in some work so you can secure your next role!



The Get Hired (Digital) Workshop is designed to be just what you need to secure your next role!

Total value: $597

Regular Price: $397

Your Price: ONLY $197


Cost for you not taking this offer: (insert 10-30% above your most recent salary)



The Get Hired (Digital) Workshop is for you if,


  • You want a complete system tailored to career seekers like you that prevents overwhelm and the chance of failure.

  • You know you are qualified for roles AND are ready to implement strategies to stand out as the top contender.

  • Get ready to feel a rush of excitement as you go within my 10 years of experience and learn how I have helped a majority of my career seekers secure employment within 30 to 45 days.















The Get Hired (Digital) Workshop

A comprehensive workshop that’s designed to break down your job search strategy, leverage your experience & story, and present you as the top contender,

So you can stop struggling and secure your next role (while remaining calm and confident)

What’s included

Module 1: Welcome


Welcoming you into the workshop so you’re motivated and set up for success!

Module 2: Job Search Strategy


Breaking down your job search strategy to ensure you are applying to appropriate vacancies that get you the responsibilities and salary you want EVERY TIME with a clear path for your career.

Module 3: Resume Writing


Guiding you through the creation of your resume that highlights your expertise and strengths while telling your story to secure you an interview, including ATS compliance. Plus 10 resume templates to choose from!

Module 4: Interview Preparation


Breaking down the interview process so you will understand how to provide responses to easy to tough interview questions confidently and concisely. You also get 32 questions that build confidence, clarity, and flexibility in expressing your skills to employers. 

Module 5: LinkedIn Optimization


Guiding you through optimizing your LinkedIn account so you attract hiring managers and recruiters to your profile automatically. Plus a 30 day LinkedIn schedule to take the guesswork out of what to post.






We thought you might have a couple of questions before you enroll! 

I do not like the idea of this being a subscription. Is there any way I can opt-out?

We understand your concern! However, the system is set up for monthly access and of course, we wanted to give you more time in this comprehensive workshop. As such, we had to set up payment options to reoccur at 3-month/90-day intervals. We are not expecting the workshop to take you 90 days, in fact, you'll notice the calendars are set for 30 days. You will receive a reminder approximately 1-week prior to your subscription renewing, at which time you can decline. You will be disenrolled from the course at the appropriate time. 


How much time will I need to devote each week?

I would advise you spend an average of 3 hours per weekday, but definitely no more than an average of 5. Keeping to the script will help you stay focused and take full advantage of your time.

Do I get 1:1 access to you?

Yes! Career Coaching sessions are NOT part of this offer; however, you can certainly schedule one to review your progress and correct any oversights. 

What do I need to succeed in this course?

You need will a laptop, internet connection, ability to implement and execute, and snacks. I've taken care of the rest.

Might I need anything outside of this course?

Nope! I wanted to make sure you had access to everything you need. If you feel you need something else, schedule a career coaching session to get reset.

This sounds like a lot! How do you ensure I won’t be overwhelmed?

It takes so much more than a resume to secure employment so I wanted to ensure you had everything you need. The modules are broken down into submodules so you can learn a step and implement them immediately. If you need to take a step away, it's easy to pick up where you left off.

What if I don’t finish everything?

You will have 90 days to access to this course which is plenty of time to finish. Just stick to the schedule and you will do completely fine. Honestly, you are likely to go through the material within 10 days of accessing the material. The "extra" time is so you can reference the material again and again as you proceed with your employment journey.

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