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The Get Hired Workshop

A self-paced workshop that guides you through job search strategies, resume writing, and interview preparation. Access is for 30 calendar days!
The Get Hired Workshop

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Ever been in a position where you just needed information at your fingertips on your own schedule? What about wanting a way to have access to advanced career information without having to pay a premium for it?

Introducing The Get Hired Workshop!

This self-paced workshop uses video to walk you through some very important parts of your employment journey.

  • The job search strategies video helps you to lay the foundation to this current employment journey by ensuring you are applying for the correct job. 
  • Once you are certain where you are taking your career, you'll move into resume writing. This is where you'll learn to tailor your resume with great precision to develop a document that truly represents your skills. 
  • After resume writing, it's time to get prepared to discuss your fit for the role. Interviewing can be a scary time but the tips and strategies discussed in the interview preparation video will help melt those discomforts. 

Each video is a foundation for the next one so follow the videos in order. Even if you feel like you know the information, go through it anyway. 

Each ticket gives you access to this workshop for 30 calendar days.

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